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Enhancing people’s sensorial awareness about their living environment

Enhancing people’s sensorial awareness about their living environment, in urban and natural settings, helps to reinstitute lost links between body and space. The sensorial walk in Schaerbeek and the recording of sounds in Mouraria, contributed to enhancing the sensitivity towards the living environment. City sounds, tastes, smells, and noises are part of a place identity. The activities helped people to become aware of their presence and value.

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Space perception



Activities (5):

May 2022 to September 2024

A Resilient Place

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April 2021 to April 2021

Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City (2020)

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April 2020 to May 2020

A Confined Place

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March 2020 to June 2020

A Hidden Place in Ljubljana

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July 2020 to July 2020

A Joint Place in Kaimakli (Nicosia)

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Events (7):

What adults say…

After getting an insight into what children have to “say” by play, students were now invited to ask the adults as well! Different interview techniques were used to reach various users, fro...

Posted on 21/05/22

Exploring A-pla(y)ce alleys and the neighbourhood

To get the first impressions of the location, students were encouraged to explore and learn about the A-pla(y)ce alleys and neighbourhood surroundings onsite. Due to current Covid19 regulations in Mar...

Posted on 21/05/14

A Confined Urban Vision

A short film competition “A Confined Urban Vision” was organised to explore and widen the meaning of places in the unprecedented situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the first ...

Posted on 21/01/22

AHiddenPlace goes tangible – student competition for a symbolic on-site intervention

In order to compensate for the cancelled on-site construction of the proposed  plans and events by students groups in the previous workshop sessions, we organised a competition for a provisional ...

Posted on 20/06/09

Perception and representation of space in time of confinement with photographic media

These works were planned and carried out in the period of confinement, during March and April 2020, within the subject Systems of Representation at the School of Architecture La Salle.   Th...

Posted on 20/04/26

'Hey you, out there, have a say, have a place!' – Masterclass on the interview methodology and practice with Zala

In order to get an insight into the views, opinions and attitudes towards AHiddenPlace by the different public groups, we implemented a two-session masterclass (within the student workshop) under the ...

Posted on 20/04/14

Behind the fence - exploring the site & first impressions

In the first half of the March students of the workshop in Ljubljana were encouraged to explore and learn about AHiddenPlace onsite. The initial plan of visiting the site together with all the student...

Posted on 20/03/26



From Russia with Love

A little over a year ago and in the middle of winter, I arrived in this wonderful city. When I was still in my country, Spain, I remember that people were surprised when I told them that I was going t...

Posted on July 29, 2021

Placemakers (18):

Luisa Bravo


Bologna (Italy)

Luisa Bravo is a global academic scholar and educator, cultural entrepreneur and public space activi...

Giulia Gualtieri

Local leader

Bologna (Italy)

Giulia is an architect and urban development strategist, specialised in human-centred design and pla...

Adrià Sanchez Llorens


Barcelona (Spain)

Adrià Sanchez Llorens is a practicing architect, trained and qualified at La Salle University...

Leandro Madrazo


Barcelona (Spain)

A-Place project coordinator, full professor and director of the research group ARC Engineering and A...

Maria Irene Aparicio


Lisbon (Portugal)

Maria Irene Aparício (Ph.D. in Cinema, New University of Lisbon, 2011) is a researcher of Cin...

Patrícia Pereira


Lisbon (Portugal)

Patrícia Pereira is a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center of Social Sciences, Faculty of Soc...

Špela Verovšek


Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Špela Verovšek graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and gain her PhD degree...

Angel Martín Cojo


Barcelona (Spain)

Architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2006, finalising previous studies at the Scho...

Tadeja Zupančič


Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Tadeja Zupančič is a professor at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture. She is Vice-...

Matevž Juvančič


Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Is an architect, a teacher and a researcher at the Faculty of Architecture. His research work was in...

Alenka Korenjak


Ljubljana (Slovenia)

I’m an architect and cofounder of prostoRož. What inspires me more than buildings is the space...

Maša Cvetko


Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Maša Cvetko is one of the co-founders of Prostorož. Since 2004 she has been active in th...

Zala Velkavrh


Ljubljana (Slovenia)

As a communicologist and sociologist, I help prostoRož put designs and shapes into words. What makes...

Veronika Antoniou


Nicosia (Cyprus)

Veronika is the co-founder and managing director of Urban Gorillas, a Nicosia-based NGO focused...

Rosaura Romero


Brussels (Belgium)

Rosaura graduated in Architecture (Urban Projects and Urban Cultures) at the University of Ku Leuven...

Ruben Verdu


Barcelona (Spain)

Ruben Verdu is an artist, researcher and writer dealing with issues related to contemporary art. He ...

Alessandro Marinelli



Alessandro graduated in Cinema at Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA). Since 2003 he has been workin...

Anika Salvesen



Anika Salvesen is a Polish filmmaker based in Norway. She works in both fiction and documentary, wit...