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Riba-roja d'Ebre

The mural discusses ideas of human control and natural chaos. Linking our significant journey inside the Riba-roja d'Ebre hydroelectric dam, the dam opening, Sebes Nature Reserve wetlands, striking birds, wind turbines, fish, poppies, rosemary and olives. All alongside illustrated images on upcycled plastic bottle caps depicting personalised features relative to Otto and his house, pets and the area.The scene is inspired by our travels around the area and all the scenery it offers. It includes:
• the dam which we received a private tour of, specifically the control room panel, visually inspired by the source of the dams power and control.
• The Sebes Nature Reserve where the installation of the dam created wetlands, a fantastic area where wildlife and nature can roam free
• and Santo Domingo an area where the original constructors of the dam built there homes and lives

Continuing with the chaotic and controlled theme, it bled into the painting techniques we used, considering every opportunity to link back to the overriding concept to cover this 12 meter space. Jodie Lilley was master of the control area. Here she carefully drafted and constructed the crisp sharp angles lines and mathematically aligning the up-cycled wooden pallet to perfection.

Emma Jones and Eden Parkes were leading the freedom of chaotic growth, using paint splatter techniques and simplified shapes to create a meandering area of life.

I drafted the silhouette shapes of the birds in flight and feed, constructing a composition mentally as I went to keep a feeling of loose freedom and uncontrollability. The perspective shifting stork contrasts with the birds-eye view of the fish, touching on a sense of visual distortion.

The title of the mural ‘Sempreviva’ translated into English is ‘Always Alive’. We found this to be a fitting title as it portrays the overarching theme that Mother Nature is always going to find a way, is always alive and that we cannot control her.

To our delight the mural has been chosen to feature in this years Lacuna Festival in Lanzarote with the theme ‘Clash’. The work will be featured in their digital exhibition in July with presentation of our inspirations.

Our collaborative mural was a gratifying and satisfying process, inspired by our collective journey and significant experiences we felt lucky and grateful to encounter. The entire concept of this street art project is inspiring, alongside the inspiring people who donate their private space for a community based and social project. I’d like to thank Otto for donating his wall and for him to trust us.” (Text by Diva Keith)

Link to an external source of the artwork: https://riudart.cat/artistes/may-2022/

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