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Al-Alwan (social project of training and occupational education)


"Al-Alwan" is a social project of training and occupational education with community impact carried out by the Bayt al-Thaqafa Foundation with young migrants without family references in the territory, young people who are cared for by the Bayt al-Thaqafa Youth Program, and who have special difficulties in accessing the world of working.

The "Al-Alwan" Project offers occupational training and vocational training for these young people, carrying out training in technical knowledge in the sector of cleaning urban spaces and, especially, specialized painting (both maintenance and painting of metal blinds for commercial premises), and in addition, this training includes other, transversal, basic skills to promote access to the world of work.

The community impact of the project is linked to actions to improve the environment of the neighborhoods where the project is carried out; specifically, the neighborhoods of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera in the city of Barcelona (in Spain), through the collaboration of different businesses, social entities and the public employment placement company "Barcelona Activa". With this, the service of cleaning, maintenance and artistic painting of metal blinds of the premises of different businesses, entities and ground floors, which face the street, was carried out, all transforming the urban reality from a social perspective.

So, the project transforms the public space (shutters of premises facing the street) of the neighborhood, offering more pleasant and artistic streets, and involving the people who own the shops, in addition to training young migrants for their employment.

Link to an external source of the artwork: https://www.bayt-al-thaqafa.org/es/proyecto-formacion-capacitacion-impacto-comunitario-alalwan

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