Maša Cvetko


prostoRož (Slovenia)

Maša Cvetko is one of the co-founders of Prostorož. Since 2004 she has been active in the fields of architecture, urban planning and design. She has extensive experience in mediating between the local community and decision-makers where s...

Christina Danielyan


Christina Danielyan is an actor at the NCA Small theatre and a member of the inclusive dance group “Unlimited." She participated in many international workshops in Yerevan and Europe, performed in over 15 shows, and worked on numerous proj...

Simon Davis


Simon Devos studied at the ESA Design d'Innovation Social. He is interested into new modes of co-design, co-construction and co-maintenance. His focus is upon constructing urban furniture together with the inhabitants in order to allow them to ap...

Anna de Manincor


ZimmerFrei (Italy)

The ZimmerFrei collective was founded in Bologna in 2000 by Anna de Manincor (filmmaker), Massimo Carozzi (sound designer and musician) and until 2019 as well by Anna Rispoli (artist and director). ZimmerF...

Rhizoma Design and Research Lab


RHIZOMA - Design and Research Lab is a space for research and design in the built environment, based in Rome and Melbourne. Dorotea Ottaviani and Cecilia De Marinis founded RHIZOMA in 2020 but the idea behind is much older. The two met at the Scho...

Pau Faus


Barcelona (1974)   Filmmaker, visual artist & architect. During his working years as an architect, he grew interest in contemporary art movements such as Situationism, Land-art or Relational aesthetics that made him rediscover architec...

Arash Fayez


Arash Fayez is an Iranian artist currently based in Barcelona. Fayez’s work centres around the mental and physical states resulting from being between two locations, two cultures, or two identities. Spanning writing, performance, and video, his...

Ivone Ferreira


New University of Lisbon | NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (Portugal)

Ivone Ferreira is Assistant Professor in the area of Strategic Communication at Nova University of Lisbon.  PhD (2012) in Communication Sciences with a focus on the persuasive language of advertising, Ferreira teaches and researches in the areas...

Hayal Gezer


Hayal Gezer is an interdisciplinary artist based in Nicosia. I work mainly with photography, video and performance and occasionally installation. The main topics I deal with are intimacy, open communication, relationship between the  space and p...

Morgane Gloux


Morgane Gloux is architect, urban designer and illustrator. She discovered urbanism and cartography through her studies at the Nantes School of Architecture (France) and at the Institut d'Urbanisme de Grenoble (France). Since then, cartography is...

Erini Gri


Eirini Gri is an architectural designer from Greece that started and completed her studies in Architecture in the United Kingdom. She has worked in various architectural practises in the UK and she is currently a student on the Emergency and Resilien...

Giulia Gualtieri

Local leader

City Space Architecture (Italy)

Giulia is an architect and urban development strategist, specialised in human-centred design and planning. She gained her MSc at the IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam in Urban Management and Development. She is also a partner of Huasipchanga, transdi...