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Crear Lugares - Creating Places - Art Centre Tecla Sala, L'Hospitalet

A two-day debate took place at the Art Centre Tecla Sala, in L’Hospitalet, on October 26 and 27, 2021.

The first day focused on a discussion with artists about their role in the reactivation of public spaces. In meeting participated an architect representing the municipality. The session was moderated by Leandro Madrazo, and the participants were:


- Xavier Aparicio, Agencia de Desarrollo Urbano, Ayuntamiento de L’Hospitalet
- Esteban Marín, Contorno Urbano
- Nevenka Pavic, La Gloria Factoría de Arte
- Elvira Pujol, Joan Vila Puig, Sitesize
- Claudio Zulián, filmmaker and writer



The second day was dedicated to present the work done in A-Place to local leaders. The session was moderated by Ángel Martín, and participants were:


- Lluis Esteve, Plan Integral Les Planes- Blocs Florida
- Maite de la Concha, Associació de Veïns Districte IV
- Nevenka Pavic, La Gloria Factoría de Arte
- Elvira Pujol, Sitesize
- Marc Romero, Col.legi Pare Enric d'Ossó
- Alba Teodoro, Espa Jove Nou Sidecar

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Leandro Madrazo


Barcelona (Spain)

A-Place project coordinator, full professor and director of the research group ARC Engineering and A...

Angel Martín Cojo


Barcelona (Spain)

Architect from the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2006, finalising previous studies at the Scho...