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Taher Abdel-Ghani

Cairo (Egypt)

Taher Abdel-Ghani is an architect, urban researcher, lecturer assistant and an award-winning independent filmmaker. His research mainly focuses on analyzing the urban environment through cinematic images, an idea that started in 2012 when he received his Bachelor degree in Architecture.

After completing his double Masters degree in Advanced Urbanism from Germany and China in 2017, he gradually shifted his career from architecture practice to a full-time academic and researcher. Currently, he is a lecturer assistant at Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA) in Cairo, teaching Architecture Design, History of Architecture and Research for Graduation Projects.

Alongside his work, his academic publications explore an interdisciplinary approach to cinematic urbanism, covering other fields such as sociology and education. Additionally,  some of his short films were screened in Egypt, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy and USA.

His 2019 short documentary, Cold Dissent, received the Best Short Film award at the 5th Biennale Spazio Pubblico Festival in Rome. Also, his latest short experimental film, Prosody - An Ode to the City, was shortlisted for the Audience Award at the 1st City Space Architecture Film Festival in Bologna.

Third prize winner of the 2021 contest “A-Place Mapping: Share your experience of places”

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