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Greenies from Heaven

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Xavier Costa

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My experience until shortly before Covid was living in a small studio of 35 square metres, with indirect light and a lot of wall and cement. That was all I could see through the windows. Installing a loft with a futon helped to spread out the spaces, but it was stilla  bit of a "monastic" or "prison cell". And yes, I could go out and go to the park, but, after the pandemic the need for nature and plants became greater and greater. I had no terrace and no space for more than a few pots. So I gained space in the air, hanging plants from the ceiling, and now the studio is a hanging garden full of freshness and life, where I can spend hours, days and weeks with the feeling of being part of nature and breathing its freshness. Each plant is the protagonist, seeing them face to face on a daily basis has enhanced our communication and mutual knowledge and, together, we live a shared perception of plenitude.


Winner of the third prize of the contest "The experience of living at home"


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