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Wild and free

Azbah Ansari

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My little cousins, in their toddler age, has an immense love for cars and vehicles. One of them has deep love for police cars and he loves to rescue animals who are injured and take them to hospital, the gorilla is the doctor for him. He often asks that he wants to play with his cars on road and bing.... We had a plan. One of the room in their house is made of cement, without any tile furnishing and we have a little library there. So, we made road map for them, and placed some building models like police station, hospital and airport as landmarks and their destination points and set the cars to play on the road with a chowk at the center. It is their play area now and when they first saw it they were out of words and expressing their joy by jumping and rushing in to play. What a joyful sight. As much as i enjoyed their expressions, I enjoyed making this whole space tranform into play area and yes i played with cars as well. Because, why not!


Winner of the first prize in the A-Place : MAPPING contest "Share your experiences of domestic places" 2022

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