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La Torrassa Florida

Nevenka Pavic (La Gloria Factoría de Arte)

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This community artwork is located between the limits of the neighbourhoods of La Torrassa and La Florida, in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. This area is the most densely populated in Europe, so reclaiming public space for citizens is an imperative need. The mural is located at the exit of the Torrassa metro station, in an area with a high pedestrian flow and a lot of vehicular traffic, next to a bridge over which the train passes.  Thanks to this intervention this passageway has become a point of reference and a meeting point for citizens, bringing art closer to the community and democratising culture.

163 participants contributed to the 250 flowers that make the mosaic, covering a total surface of 50 sq. m.  and produced in four months.


First prize in A-Place : MAPPING Artwork context 2021

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