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Loop festival: Video production screening 2021

We are happy to announce the screening of the A-Place Video Production 2021.

There are three video productions:


Beans, Rinsed Twice

Video Open Call Winner 2021 (ex-aequo).
Inês Neto dos Santos & Bella Riza

Beans, Rinsed Twice follows tales, histories, memories and recipes tied up in a bean. How many stories can a recipe tell? And who do these stories belong to?
Through the personal and historical symbolism of a bean - and, consequently, the process of growing, harvesting and cooking this seed - the film will move between the collaborators’ own memories (in all their factual/fabricated dimensions), expanding on to speak of how we carry multiple places within us.



I Can Only Dance To One Song

Video Open Call Winner 2021 (ex-aequo).

Arash Fayez

I Can Only Dance to One Song explores the role of music in forming a sense of belonging to a location. This project portrays accounts of displacement rooted in the experience of migrants through sound and movement. By incorporating dance as an expressive act of transformability, this video illustrates the emotional landscape of displacement using corporal acts. This work moves beyond the visible to tell the story of an invisible city, a seamless tale about a place that exists within every displaced person and beyond physical location.



La Carpa

David Bestué, Roser Corella

La Carpa aims to investigate the process of construction, use and disappearance of a removable theater installed at the end of the sixties in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, the work of the Murcian architect Emilio Pérez Piñero. This research is based on the account of direct testimonies: neighbors, city council workers and relatives of the architect. Being temporary and ephemeral, many of Emilio Pérez Piñero’s works only survive in memory, like a ghost, but the case of La carpa is special because its current whereabouts are unknown.