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Newsletter #4: "We created places"

In the fourth and final year of the A-Place project, we have concentrated our efforts on organizing closing events at Barcelona, Brussels and Lisbon, as well as the final exhibitions that were part of these events. Simultaneously, we continued with the local placemaking activities in Barcelona, Bologna, Brussels, and Lisbon.


Kaimakli and LOOP Barcelona festivals. In addition, activities were organized in Bologna to disseminate works produced in past editions of the Urban Visions festivals.  


The initial closing event took place at the community centre La Serre in Brussels, on May 26, with the title  “Co-Constructing Lived Spaces”. An accompanying exhibition of A-Place was held at the Department of Architecture, KU Leuven. This was followed by a “A place in Can Trinxet” on June 3 in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), featuring a comprehensive exhibition of A-Place outputs in the nave of the old factory from June 3 to 7. The final closing event, “Sensing places together”, took place at Largo Residências, a former military garrison transformed into creative hub.


The dissemination of the project work in academic channels continued with the publication of an article at the Journal of Public Space and two papers in international conferences.


A book summarizing the collective work of the past four years is nearing completion and will be accessible on the project website in February 2024. The online resource will serve as guide to the extensive collection of works accumulated throughout the project’s lifetime, which will remain available in the website.


We anticipate that the project’s achievements will serve as a valuable resource and inspiration, fostering the development of new activities to reinforce the sense of place and belonging in our multicultural societies worldwide.  .