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Madrazo, L., Martín, A., Hernández, M., Llorens A.S. Emplacing architectural education in a sociophysical territory. AMPS Conference "A Focus on Pedagogy: Teaching, Learning and Research in the Modern Academy" 20-22 April, 2022

Placemaking can contribute to create learning places that are integrated into the community, rather than confined to the classroom. Moreover, the combination of placemaking with artistic practices offers an opportunity to integrate educational activities into the cultural, social and physical milieu. In the collaborative reflective processes which placemaking conveys, artists and educational staff, students and residents all become knowledge providers through learning processes embedded in a sociophysical territory.


One of the purposes of the A-Place project "Linking places through networked artistic practicess", co-funded by the Creative Europe 2019-2023 programme, is to create transversal learning spaces with placemaking activities that link artistic practices with educational programmes at different levels, from high school to higher education. Since October 2019, we have been carrying out in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, a city which is part of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, Spain, a comprehensive programme of learning activities integrated in the community. The purpose of these activities was to involve students and staff from university and high schools, artists and neighbours, in a common reflection on the sense of place and the collective identity. The activities included mapping of the sociophysical territory carried out onsite – pedagogic activities in public spaces and public facilities, urban walks with neighbours representing diverse social groups– and online – with digital maps and through social media–, and joint teaching and learning activities with high-school pupils and architecture students to identify meanings associated to places and represent them with texts, images, videos and installations in public spaces.

The paper is available in the conference proceedings.