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Placing audiovisual narratives

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Placemaking Event


9 June 2022


L'Hospitalet del Llobregat (Spain)


17 May 2022



This is the public presentation of videos carried out by the students of the La Salle School of Architecture in Barcelona, accompanied by two audiovisual creators, Claudio Zulian and Miquel García, in the city of Hospitalet (Barcelona). This public presentation is meant as a collective exercise to transfer the socio-cultural spirit of the city captured in the videos to an emerging cultural space, #Plantauno. Over the last three months, architecture students have approached the different realities that grow and coexist in the city. Seventeen videos summarise encounters with neighbours, cultural agents, artists, members of sport clubs and, bars. The students’ gaze has been emplaced in the public space of the city. The works reveal in which ways preconceived images construct the territory, and propose alternative narratives based on the perceptions that residents of different social groups and origins have of the spaces they inhabit.




Mario Hernández marioh@salle.url.edu


Claudio Zulian, Miquel Garcia

Students and staff from the subject Systems of Representation, at the School of Architeccture La Salle