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Creating a soundscape with Bairro do Rego

Placemaking Event


10 June 2022


Brussels (Belgium)


4 August 2022



The presentational workshop "Creating a soundscape with Bairro do Rego" was held as part of the A-Place Project's participation at the New European Bauhaus Festival that took place between 9th and 12th of June 2022 at Gare Maritime in Brussels.


What is a soundscape and how can we use it in a community context to recognize and further build our relationship with place and space? How to compose for a place? With these questions as a starting point, this presentational workshop aimed to exhibit the work in progress on A-Reconnecting-Place in Lisbon from the point of view of a musician and composer.


We discussed music co-creation in a community context, highlighting the purpose of the A-Place Project in the Bairro do Rego neighborhood. In working with neighborhood’s youth, we are trying to highlight the potentiality of music and sound to enhance the experience of a place and exalt their creative responses to it.

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Maria Irene Aparício


Marta Fiolić (PhD student)

João Ferreira (pianist/composer)

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