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Music creation in the community

Placemaking Event


From 1 April 2022 to 30 September 2022


Lisbon (Portugal)


4 August 2022



Through several sessions in the neighborhood the objectives of (Re)Connecting Place are:


1. Collecting the musical influences of the young participants and their family influences in order to try to portray the community from the point of view of musical tastes and their origin.

2. Collection of soundscapes from the Rego neighborhood to be later “sampled” and incorporated into the final musical composition.

3. Challenging participants to write texts or suggest texts that represent their realities to be incorporated into the musical composition.

4. Involving participants in the creative process by recording their voices and other pertinent sounds.

5. Introducing some music production tools

6. Co-creation of musical pieces

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If you would like to have more information about these placemaking activities, please contact:

Maria Irene Aparício


Passa Sabi Association: Eugénio Silva, Joana Mouta

Neigborhood youth: Catarina, Fábio, Gonçalo, Hugo, Inês, Leonor, Rafael, Ruben

Faculty and Staff Members of NOVA FCSH: Maria Irene Aparício, Marta Fiolić

Invited Artist – João Dias Ferreira (pianist/composer)