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Creative Dance Workshop

Placemaking Event


From 20 October 2022 to 22 October 2022


Lisbon (Portugal)


24 October 2022




Taking as a starting point the music composed during the activities of music creation in the community, choreographer and dancer Inês Galvão Teles worked with the neighbourhood youth with the objectives to explore the movement individually, to recognize the movement as an expressive tool of imaginary scenes and a narrative form, as well as to use the movement as a form of communication with the other.


From this exploration, the choreography for the music Bairro was born. Basic structure was offered by the choreographer, with enough space for the individual expressions, and at the same time bringing the group together. Through dance, they studied space, tempo, rhythm, people and places.


Besides learning the choreographies, this workshop served as a preparation for a flashmob integrated into the celebrations of eight years of Passa Sabi Association, along with the repeated soundwalk through Bairro de Rego.

Other files:


Associação Passa Sabi

Academia de Dança Susana Galvão Teles


If you would like to have more information about these placemaking activities, please contact:

Maria Irene Aparício


Passa Sabi Association: Eugénio Silva, Joana Mouta

Neigborhood youth: Catarina, Fabiana, Leonor, Mariana, Melanie, Wilcy

Faculty and Staff Members of NOVA FCSH: Maria Irene Aparício, Marta Fiolić

Invited Artist: Inês Galvão Teles (dancer/choreographer)