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A place in Can Trinxet

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Placemaking Event


3 June 2023


L'Hospitalet del Llobregat (Spain)


14 June 2023



Closing activities of the A-Place project in L'Hospitalet


The programme (Spanish, Catalan) at Can Trinxet from 3 to 7 June includes debates, exhibitions, installations, music and dance performances, and participatory activities.

The debates are organised into three panels:

- Creating places of learning.
- The sense of place and audiovisual language
- Art and public space

The exhibition presents works produced in L'Hospitalet and in five other cities participating in the A-Place project: Bologna, Brussels, Lisbon, Ljubljana and Nicosia. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the videos produced by A-Place and LOOP Barcelona.

A series of music and dance performances will take place at Can Trinxet during the day.

Those attending the debates and the exhibition will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop on the sensorial exploration of space and the creation of a collage using images of the city.


A summary of the event is available in video


Other files:




Leandro Madrazo (leandro.madrazo@salle.url.edu)

Angel Martín (angel.martin@salle.url.edu)

Mario Hernández (mario.hernandez@salle.url.edu)


Leandro Madrazo, Ángel Martín, Mario Hernández (School of Architecture La Salle)

Maria Irene Aparício, Ivone Ferreira (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Clàudia Barberà (Nadir, Audiovisual education)

Raül Brenchat (Municipal School of Music Center of the Arts of L’Hospitalet)

Chiara Buffa (LEMUR, Urban Emergencies Laboratory)

Domènec (visual artist)

Mili Esono (Institut Bellvitge)

Miquel García (artist)

Laura Garcimartín (La Circolaxa collective)

Erica Hassan (Contorno Urbano Foundation)

Nevenka Pavic (La Gloria Art Factory)

 Elvira Pujol (Sitesize)

 Victoria Sacco (LOOP Barcelona)

 Ruben Verdú (artist)

Joan Vila i Puig (Sitesize)