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A-Place debate

Festival Event


30 November 2022


Bologna (Italy)


13 December 2023



On November 30, City Space Architecture organized the screening of “La città dentro” by the Zimmerfrei Collective at its headquarters, to present the winner of the first open call promoted by LOOP Barcelona (2020) within the A-Place project. After the screening, the director Anna de Manincor with the two main characters Filmon Yemane and Bana Abreham discussed with the audience about the contents of the film.


La città dentro (The City Within)
Filmon has lived in Bologna for half of his life, studying political science, playing baseball in a team of visually impaired athletes, and moving around the city’s arcades, squares and historic buildings with ease. Filmon does not think of the city as a map seen from above, his city expands from under his feet, widens like a star, always passing through the same points, unwinding in the smallest details of an endless ribbon, a maze of possible pathways recognized by touch and hearing. The urban tangle is domesticated by the physical action of walking, one day with a snappy body and another with a tired body, sitting on the fresh stones of the Public Library in the summer heat, locating a scent of warm lard in the still air of the autumn gouache or following the pungent smell of the detergent that dries along the streets in the spring breeze.

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