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Rehearsals | A (Travelling) Sound Place

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Placemaking Event


28 October 2020


Lisbon (Portugal)


20 January 2021



Duo Contracello (Miguel Rocha on cello and Adriano Aguiar on double bass) rehearsed for the event A (Travelling) Sound Place.

This is a collaborative project with the Composition Class of the Lisbon School of Music collaboration. A group of emerging Portuguese composers was formed, selected by those responsible for the A-Sound Place Lisbon project, who collaborated in the creation of original works on the concept of 'place' and its multiple meanings, using acoustic and electronic instruments.


Rehearsing A SOUND PLACE in Lisbon



Other files:


Duo Contracello (Miguel Rocha, cello | Adriano Aguiar, double bass)

Henrique Portovedo, saxopfone

Composition Class of the Lisbon School of Music (Marta Domingues, Mariana Ribeiro, Hugo Xavier d’Almeida, Ana Roque, Mariana Vieira, Francisco Rosa)

João Quinteiro, composer and researcher at CESEM, NOVA FCSH, NOVA Univeristy of Lisbon

Jaime Reis, composer and composition professor at Lisbon School of Music