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The Finnish artist Nina Backman visiting our Parklet

Placemaking Event


21 July 2021


Bologna (Italy)


26 July 2021



On July 21, 2021 the Finnish artist Nina Backman visited our parklet in Bologna and gave a lecture at City Space Architecture's headquarters on her Silence Project.

Nina has recenly curated, as part of the Silence Project, the installation Miniforest in Helsinki, a unique work of art that helps preserve biodiversity. Trees and plants are selected locally to suit the countries climate. Miniforests act as bridges to animals and the surrounding forest, supporting the preservation of the area’s unique biodiversity. The aim is also to build more greenery for cities and engage local citizens with planting and  maintanance. Miniforests are seen as contemporary art practice as well as a collective action to fight the climate crises and bring our communities together, both locally and internationally.

The collaboration with City Space Architecture and her presence at our parklet combines the importance of building and protecting green areas in public spaces in Europe, and it is an international extension of her initiative One Million Trees to Finland, conceived as a contemporary art practice as well as a collective, concrete action to fight the climate crisis.


The visit of Nina Backman to City Space Architecture and the parklet in Bologna was possible thanks to the generous support of Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Globus and The Nordic Culture Fund.



Nina Backman is a Finnish artist, performer and curator. She was born in Helsinki, Finland and originally studied Performance Design at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts in the UK. The hallmarks of silence weave through Backman’s art leaving traces of a veiled depth. In challenging the space between installation, performance and visual art, silence is integral to the artistic process. For Backman, silence brings together different but related elements within a conceptual frame, in turn creating new dialogues. These set out to invite critical reflection, to expose layers otherwise unnoticed, to challenge perceptions as yet outside our realm of experience. She exhibits internationally and her work can be found in both privet and public collections. Her works have been exhibited at Malmö Museum, Gallen - Kallela Museum, Punkt O Gallery 15, West Bund Art Center in China, Aedes - The Metropolitan Laboratory and Berliner Festspiele among others. She lives and works both in Berlin and in Helsinki.

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Silence Project by Nina Backman - https://silenceproject.fi/silence-project.html

Nina Backman - http://ninabackman.com/about


City Space Architecture / Luisa Bravo  luisa.bravo@cityspacearchitecture.org


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