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The new world of hyperlocal food, Benjamin Greene

Placemaking Event


6 July 2021


Nicosia (Cyprus)


6 July 2021



On July 6 2021, Benjamin Greene from Imaginary Farms, gave an online lecture open to the public with the title “The new world of hyperlocal Food”. The lecture was attended by students of the summer workshop on urban entrepreneurship at the University of Cyprus and other guests as this was an open lecture. The lecture was a great opportunity to learn about indoor farming techniques as a response to the urban crisis of loss of natural land due to modern agricultural developments.  

Benjamin Greene raised on a small organic farm in the mountains of North Carolina, entered the U.S. military as a combat engineer before pursuing degrees in Sculpture and Industrial Design. While working as a product designer, he developed the “Farmery”, a solution to grow food, sell food and serve food at the same site. He went on to develop the Cropbox, a container farm with dozens of installations around the world. He held senior engineer roles at “Crop One” and “80 acres” farms where he developed large-scale automated indoor farming. Currently he is Chief Product Officer at Imagine Farms, an indoor automated farm in downtown Miami, Florida.


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Students of Cyprus University, Architects, Farming Entrepreneurs, Other guests