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Guided Walk

Placemaking Event


3 July 2021


Nicosia (Cyprus)


3 July 2021



Urban Gorillas and Students of the Summer course: Urban Entrepreneurship - Opportunities in times of uncertainty  took part in two guided visits in relation to Greening strategies in the city and social entrepreneurship.

The walks took place in the old city centre of Nicosia where they explored the available green spaces in the city and initiatives that transform the city into a fairer and greener place. During the walk students identified problems and opportunities of the urban centre in Nicosia which were later be addressed in the workshops, lectures and projects. 

The walk also included visits to two important spaces in the city. The first stop was at Gardens of the Future, a community garden initiative, wich addresses urban agriculture and social interraction through planting actions. The second space, is the the municipal art centre NiMAC, at Nicosia. The industrial building which was an electricity powerhouse, was converted to a cultural hub, an art centre and a space for educational cultural activities.  At this space, students participated in a presentation and discussion with members of the Creative Europe program Open UP.  Political asylum seekers are working on urban interventions and mechanisms which aim to create stronger bonds with local communities through socially sustainable and green initiatives.

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Students, Open UP participants, Gardens of the Future, migrants, entrepreneurs