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Workshops “My Neighbourhood…. My Place”

Placemaking Event


13 November 2021


Lisbon (Portugal)


22 November 2021



As a continuation of collaboration between NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, NOVA University of Lisbon, the Nova Institute of Philosophy, AMIGLuz Association, and the A-PLACE Project, the participants of the Poetry/Prose Poetry Contest “My neighbourhood… my place” could participate in the series of creative workshops.


During one afteroon, AMIGLuz Association turned into a creative hub with workshops for creative writing, photography, illustration and sports leadership techniques. This activity enriched the association's activities with a cultural and artistic dimension, contributing to bring new publics to the arts and spread awareness about the profound changes the neighbourhood is undergoing, both physically and socially.

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If you would like to have more information about these placemaking activities, please contact:

Maria Irene Aparício


Contest participants and other residents of Padre Cruz Neighborhood

Students from the NOVA University of Lisbon, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH)

Faculty members from the NOVA FCSH

Amigos da Luz Association

Workshop Trainers