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AHiddenPlace goes green

Placemaking Event


19 March 2020


Ljubljana (Slovenia)


26 March 2020



After getting more familiar with AHiddenPlace location through our visits, students presentations and discussions in previous workshop sessions, we had organised a guest lecture, delivered by the members of the Trajna NGO who currently work at the case of the location in Bežigrad (AHiddenPlace). In the lecture and the following debate with students, Gaja and Klemen (both from the Trajna association) presented the ecological aspects of the construction pit of AHiddenPlace and the problem of the invasive plants covering the surface. Their efforts are pointed towards turning the location into a green and ecological enclave, with the potential for “inhabiting the place” by different users, promising community building, the educational activities, and cost-effective prospects. “Inspired by the costumes connected to foraging and handicraft, the aim is to creatively explore the potentialities of feral plants & collectives in disturbed ecosystems” – by doing it, we, the members of the A-place, aim at relating the ecological and placemaking sustainability, turning this site into an interesting place of gathering, learning and socializing.  

Zoom recording of the lecture is available on request.

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Špela Verovšek, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana (spela.verovsek@fa.uni-lj.si)


Students (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture): Marieke Van Dorpe, Axel Schimpf, BarboraVýborová, Fadi Suidan, Anna Kotlabová, Nina Alexandra Karelina, Julia Cordero Pedrero, Daniela Leccese, Lucie Zadrapova, Zuzana Šutvajova, Julia Sepúlveda Antón, Paula Mora de Urquiza, Natalia Caparrós Pérez, Oriol Gracia, Natalia Caparrós, Lara Jana Gabrije, lIvana Gligorovska, Daniel Hernandez, Urša Katin Koželj, Xavier Llerena, Eider Oruezabala, Nives Otaševič, Maja Perpar, Lea Elena Vidmar, Klemen Žibert

Mentors from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana; mentors from the cultural association ProstoRož 

Members of Trajna association