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Pame Kaimakli 2022

Pame Kaimakli is a neighbourhood festival launched in 2013 by the residents of the Kaimakli district and Urban Gorillas. From a series of ad-hoc informal events that were taking place in the private houses of the neighbours, the Festival has grown into a well-known event, welcoming acclaimed artists; it became a cross-disciplinary place where local meets global. It is an annual community event that aims to explore ideas of publicness, co-creation and community engagement through creative interventions with the collaboration of residents and artists.


The programme “A Playful Place” within the Pame Kaimakli festival, included a series of events focusing on the thematic of this year’s edition, Urban Playground. 

This years’ entries to the festival included stories around play produced within the film festivals of the A-Place network.  Additionally this years edition was the opportunity to disseminate through video projections the work of the entire network in pop-up cinema settings that we have designed for the festival.


In detail, the activities included: 

1. Pop up cinema by Urban Visions and Loop Festival

Film screenings from the Urban Visions Festival, Bologna, curated by Luisa Bravo, from A-Place partner City Space Architecture. 

  1. Next Sunday, Marta Bogdanska - Poland
  2. Landskating Kike Barberà, Oscar Blasco, Sergi Carulla – Spain
  3. Zaytun – Fuori campo (Out of bounds) Alice Corte, Constantin Rusu - Italy 

and one film screening from the LOOP Festival Barcelona:

  1. La città dentro, by ZimmerFrei collective


2. Curated Discussion ‘Festival_Urban Activism’ Festival curators, organisers and residents of Kaimakli were invited to an open discussion, following the Fishbowl format along the thematic Festival_Urban Activism.


3. A-Place Pop-up cinema

This collection of five independent but interconnected short videos creatively present the two years of work on the A-Place project through the variety of themes addressed in different projects. The videos were projected in a pop-up cinema setting that was created in a parking space.

The following thematic videos were showcased:





Since 2013, the Pame Kaimakli Festival has been adopting artistic practices to foster exchanges between the diverse social strata of the district, through the participation of local and invited international artists and the general public. One of the objectives of the festival is to provide ways to overcome the distance between ‘local’ and ‘other’ residents, thus contributing to the creation of a healthier social environment for everyday urban life. 

The festival's main theme was to explore the notion of “Play” and recreate engaging experiences in the urban fabric.  A PlayfulPlace was a place to develop and showcase international connections within the A-Place network by hosting films and other collaborative activities within the proposed thematic of Play.


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