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Artist Videos 2022-2023

This is a report on the video art productions created during the fourth year of the project which have been commissioned by the LOOP Barcelona festival and screened in its 2023 edition.


Two video works were commissioned:

- by Pau Faus, as artist-in-residence, to 2carry out a research work focused on dialogue between nature and technology. The video work “The machine and the flower” was filmed at two locations: the interior and exterior of the ALBA Synchrotron, an impressive structure located on the outskirts of Barcelona, considered the most complex research machine in the southwest of Europe. 


- by Camila Flores-Fernández, winner of the 2023 open call on video art. The video “We are here” is a documentary film that delves into the life stories of twelve young refugees currently seeking international protection due to their sexual orientation or gender identity in the city of Brussels. The film is the result of an active collaboration between the Brussels-based youth work organization Queers on the Move (QOM), the young refugees, and the filmmaker.