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Local placemaking activities 2022-23

This report summarizes the local placemaking activities carried out by partners during the fourth and last year of the A-Place project. The collaborative activities in the last year of the project have concentrated on the closing events and final exhibition (see Deliverable 3.7) and in the production of a book that includes the most representative work carried out during the four-year project.


The local activities carried out in the last year are of two kinds:


- conclusion of on-going activities initiated in the third year: “A Weaved Place”, in L’Hospitalet; “A Resilient Place” in Bologna, and “A Just Radio”, in Brussels


- activities initiated in the fourth year: “AGORA: A Spot Place”, in Nicosia.


The conclusion includes a reflection on the work done this year, and about the development of the local placemaking activities throughout the four-year project.