Placemaking Events

A Resilient Place

Exhibition “European Prize for Urban Public Space”

In May 2023, City Space Architecture strengthened its ongoing cooperation with the CCCB – Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona with the intention of hosting in Bologna the exhibition of t

Posted on 23/12/13

A_Just Place: Expo & Radio

Grand Hospice - expo video presentation

During the opening of A Just Expo the students presented a comparative research study on temporary occupations, critically questioning the values, narratives, practices, sites, and pedagogies of Pali

Posted on 23/02/06

A Visionary Place in Bologna

Our Parklet presented at the GCDN Annual Convening in Lugano 2022

Our parklet has been presented by Luisa Bravo at the Global Cultural Districts Network (GCDN) Annual Convening in Lugano on 29 May - 1 June 2022, co-hosted by LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura. The Global

Posted on 22/06/12

A Visionary Place in Bologna

Our Parklet presented in the Places for Good podcast from New Zealand

The design idea, implementation and management of City Space Architecture's Parklet in Bologna was discussed by Luisa Bravo during an interview in the podcast Places for Good, promoted and managed

Posted on 22/04/05

A Re-Place

Guest lecture: 'Social matter' by Antoine Aubinais

The second in the series of guest lectures of A Re-Place workshop was held by Antoine Aubinais, an architect and co-founder of Bellastock. In the lecture, we got acquainted with some of the first Bell

Posted on 22/03/26

A Visionary Place in Bologna

What we have learned from our Parklet in Bologna

In 2020 City Space Architecture implemented a parklet in front of its operational headquarters in the Porto-Saragozza neighbourhood, in order to promote community engagement and create cross-disciplin

Posted on 22/01/17

A Visionary Place in Bologna

A social media campaign to support our Parklet and its meaning

In May 2021, City Space Architecture applied to the Municipality of Bologna in order to extend the duration of the parklet for additional two months, ending on July 31. Local residents and city visito

Posted on 22/01/17

A Seedling Place

ASeedlingPlace* Digital Repository

Urban Gorillas have launched, a Digital Planting Repository called ASeedlingPlace*! ASeedlingPlace* inspires to create a digital community of urban visionaries that aim to positively transform thei

Posted on 21/12/03

A Seedling Place

Greening the city workshops

In the framework of the Urban Entrepreneurship summer workshop organised by Urban Gorillas and the Centre for Entrepreneurship of the Cyprus University two afternoon workshops were dedicated to develo

Posted on 21/10/19

A Visionary Place in Bologna

Exhibition at the Parklet from a local art collective

On May 29-30, 2021 the parklet hosted, in the late afternoon, the temporary art exhibition U R R U N, promoted by the Mezcla collective, a group of young performers from the Porto-Saragozza neighbourh

Posted on 21/07/25

A Seedling Place

Final Event: Urban Entrepreneurship Workshop

The final event took place at the rooftop terrace of the municipal building of Nicosia on July 9 2021. The project Grandyna which resulted out of the Greening the city workshops was presented in th

Posted on 21/07/09

A-Pla(y)ce in Ljubljana

Pick your favourite!

The proposals or A-pla(y)ce interventions were now presented by students to the local community representatives and exhibited in the neighbourhood community place. The event was followed by a lively d

Posted on 21/05/30