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Our Parklet presented in the Places for Good podcast from New Zealand

Placemaking Event


6 March 2022


Bologna (Italy)


5 April 2022



The design idea, implementation and management of City Space Architecture's Parklet in Bologna was discussed by Luisa Bravo during an interview in the podcast Places for Good, promoted and managed by Boopsie Maran in Auckland, New Zealand.

Listen to the episode here.


Key question: How can we open up the barriers of access to public space to more diverse artists and citizens?

In a world where it is normally all about success, public space is an opportunity to trial, experiment, and play in spaces.  Parklets provide an opening to actively listen and experiment with solutions that allow us the space to do something differently.


Episode notes: Discussing Luisa's case studies and practice, we grapple with the complexity of establishing a new mindset that is created when you are able to gather a group of citizens and delve deeper into their urban daily lives and the pursuit of happiness.

Starting with a simple question:  Would you be happier if urban conditions would change?


Together we reiterate the need to see public space as an experimental space for performative action, community participation or just to explore the possibilities for new identities and creative opportunities for civil engagement.

People simply need to have:

- enough sensitivity

- willingness to listen

- passion

- commitment to co-design



About Places for Good Podcast

A gathering space for city designers, planners, activists, and placemakers to collectively share years of experience navigating some our world's most complex city streets. Together we share stories with the hope and purpose of improving our cities together. Our guests, alongside community anchors and champions, work tirelessly amplifying the voices of those that have been there all along in our cities. As a collective, we hope to be able to harness this learning from stories of the past, to visions for the future, we talk pride of place, wherever, you are.


About Places for Good

Holistically, we are co-designers of age friendly cities innovating the everyday experience for the people and the places we serve.




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