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'Hey you, out there, have a say, have a place!' – Masterclass on the interview methodology and practice with Zala

Placemaking Event


From 24 March 2020 to 7 April 2020


Ljubljana (Slovenia)


14 April 2020



In order to get an insight into the views, opinions and attitudes towards AHiddenPlace by the different public groups, we implemented a two-session masterclass (within the student workshop) under the guidance of an expert in social sciences (Zala Velkavrh). The action was a combination of the theoretical knowledge and practical demonstration of the interview and survey. The lecture encompassed the basic acquaintance with data gathering, analyses and interpretation techniques, the different approaches to targeted publics, practical hints etc. Students were tasked to design the questionnaires and complete the interviews with the representatives of interested associations (NGO’s interested in the use of AHiddenPlace, local primary and secondary school representatives) and individuals (school youth, their teachers, parents and local residents) regarding the site of AHiddenPlace. The main aim of the demonstrated inquiry was to get acquainted with the current role of this place, capture memories or symbolic meaning for the local community, acquire the opinions about the state of the place, public needs, youth expectations, ideas for use and functionalities of the site etc. These are important insights (besides the other socio-physical and economic realities of the place) that further aid students to plan and design a collective, rewarding, and successful place through temporary use and interventions or onsite events. Collective analytical process was implemented (guided by Zala) on the last session of the student masterclass which further led to interviews synthesis and suggested solutions/ideas for the site.

Note: All the described actions were adapted to remote mode (Zoom, Skype, phone and emailing) due to Covid19 lockdown; number of interviews were reduced to one per student group; only secondary school youth was contacted directly, other youth groups and children were not included in the interviews/survey or were contacted through parents or teachers).

Zoom recording of the masterclass is available on request.

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Špela Verovšek, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana (spela.verovsek@fa.uni-lj.si)


Students (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture): Marieke Van Dorpe, Axel Schimpf, BarboraVýborová, Fadi Suidan, Anna Kotlabová, Nina Alexandra Karelina, Julia Cordero Pedrero, Daniela Leccese, Lucie Zadrapova, Zuzana Šutvajova, Julia Sepúlveda Antón, Paula Mora de Urquiza, Natalia Caparrós Pérez, Oriol Gracia, Natalia Caparrós, Lara Jana Gabrije, lIvana Gligorovska, Daniel Hernandez, Urša Katin Koželj, Xavier Llerena, Eider Oruezabala, Nives Otaševič, Maja Perpar, Lea Elena Vidmar, Klemen Žibert

Mentors from the cultural association prostoRož, mentors from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana.