Placemaking Events

A Resilient Place

Art event with Yari Miele on the occasion of the Art City White Night

The Italian artist Yari Miele created a site-specific installation at City Space Architecture headquarters and the biodiversity public garden for the Art City White Night of Arte Fiera. This internati

Posted on 23/12/13

A Resilient Place

Signature of a cooperation agreement with the Muncipality of Bologna

In April 2022 City Space Architecture started to discuss with the Municipality of Bologna regarding the possibility to sign a cooperation agreement for the implementation of a biodiversity public gard

Posted on 23/12/13

A-Pla(y)ce in Ljubljana

What adults say…

After getting an insight into what children have to “say” by play, students were now invited to ask the adults as well! Different interview techniques were used to reach various users, fro

Posted on 21/05/22

A-Pla(y)ce in Ljubljana

Exploring A-pla(y)ce alleys and the neighbourhood

To get the first impressions of the location, students were encouraged to explore and learn about the A-pla(y)ce alleys and neighbourhood surroundings onsite. Due to current Covid19 regulations in Mar

Posted on 21/05/14

A Confined Place

A Confined Urban Vision

A short film competition “A Confined Urban Vision” was organised to explore and widen the meaning of places in the unprecedented situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the first

Posted on 21/01/22

A Hidden Place in Ljubljana

AHiddenPlace goes tangible – student competition for a symbolic on-site intervention

In order to compensate for the cancelled on-site construction of the proposed  plans and events by students groups in the previous workshop sessions, we organised a competition for a provisional

Posted on 20/06/09

A Confined Place

Perception and representation of space in time of confinement with photographic media

These works were planned and carried out in the period of confinement, during March and April 2020, within the subject Systems of Representation at the School of Architecture La Salle.   Th

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Posted on 20/04/26

A Hidden Place in Ljubljana

'Hey you, out there, have a say, have a place!' – Masterclass on the interview methodology and practice with Zala

In order to get an insight into the views, opinions and attitudes towards AHiddenPlace by the different public groups, we implemented a two-session masterclass (within the student workshop) under the

Posted on 20/04/14

A Hidden Place in Ljubljana

Behind the fence - exploring the site & first impressions

In the first half of the March students of the workshop in Ljubljana were encouraged to explore and learn about AHiddenPlace onsite. The initial plan of visiting the site together with all the student

Posted on 20/03/26