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Permanent Interventions (2022)

Placemaking Event


From 6 April 2022 to 24 June 2022


Brussels (Belgium)


13 July 2022



Within the framework of A Happy Place activity and the transformation of both sites - the Pieremans playground and the alleys of the Cité Hellemans - Alive Architecture in collaboration with BRAVVO co-produced some durational urban interventions together with the inhabitants. On the Pieremans playground those include constructing and painting of an urban garden with a fence as well as constructing and painting a gate at the entrance of the playground. In the alleys of the Cité Hellemans they painted and planted balcony planters that the inhabitants placed on the balconies of their apartments.

Other files:


Neighbourhood contract “Les Marolles”: https://www.bruxelles.be/marolles

BRAVVO: https://bravvo.bruxelles.be


If you would like  to have more information about these placemaking activities, please contact: Petra Pferdmenges: petra@alivearchitecture.eu


This project is co-funded by the City of Brussels within the context of the socio-economic activities of the Contrat de Quartier durable 'Les Marolles' / Duurzame Wijkcontract 'De Marollen' and co-mananged by BRAVVO, the prevention service of the City of Brussels. For further information please contact: Ghazaleh Haghdad: ghazaleh.haghdad@brucity.be


Institutions: Brussels Housing (Logement Bruxellois / Brussel Woningen)

Brussels Housing Institution is the manager of several social housing blocs within the city of Brussels, including both social housing complexes of the project and the playground itself


Inhabitants: Social housing blocs & more

The project intends to reach the inhabitants of both social housing complexes with a specific attention upon the young population. Involving them actively into the process may improve not only the image of the site but also the respect for this fragile part of inhabitants.