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Poetry / Prose Poetry Contest “My neighbourhood… my place”

Read in English, Portuguese

Placemaking Event


From 1 July 2021 to 31 July 2021


Lisbon (Portugal)


12 July 2021



The Poetry and Prose Poetry Contest “My neighbourhood… my place” aims to poetically reflect on the past, present and future of Bairro Padre Cruz and its places, through texts and other creative forms proposed by its residents or frequent visitors with the objective to create and strengthen ties between people and the places they inhabit.


Closing date for submissions is July 31, 2021.

What are the contest themes?

a. Memory(s) of the Neighbourhood and its places

b. The Neighbourhood's Future

c. Playing in the Neighbourhood

d. Living (together) in the Neighbourhood

e. Learning in the Neighbourhood

f. Creating in the Neighbourhood

g. Entering / Leaving the Neighbourhood

h. Working in the Neighbourhood

i. Engaging in the Neighbourhood


Who can enter the contest?

- Residents and former residents of Bairro Padre Cruz
- Members of the AMIGLuz Association
- People who work in the neighbourhood
- Others (with links to the area, to be indicated by the contestant)


What formats?

- Poem
- Prose Poem
- Music lyrics (song, rap, ...)
- Text in artistic format (photography, graffiti, drawn text, combination of words/symbols/drawings)
- Other (to be indicated by the contestant)



Selected participants will be able to attend one of the following workshops of their choice
(from September 2021, on a date to be announced):
- Introduction to Photography
- Introduction to Creative Writing
- Introduction to Animation
- Workshop in Technique and Sports Leadership



Contest Regulations and Registration Form can be found in the files below.

Other files:


Associação AmigLuz

Junta de Freguesia de Carnide

Biblioteca Natália Correia


For any further information, please contact:


Maria Irene Aparício  


A-Place Lisbon Team


Local administrations
Carnide Parish Council

Cultural organizations
AMIGLUZ Association
Municipal Library Natália Correia 
Local Schools


Undergraduate students from Basic and Highschool; Graduate and Post-Graduate Students from NOVA FCSH (Communication Studies Course)

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, and Research Institutes | New University of Lisbon
Staff from Artistic Studies Doctoral Course, Communication Studies Course, Philosophy Course, and Sociology Course at NOVA FCSH – New University of Lisbon 

Throughout the implementation of the process, other social groups (e.g. neighbours associations, etc.) and local stakeholders (e.g. pupils and teachers from local schools), are expected to join the activities.