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Behind the fence - exploring the site & first impressions

Placemaking Event


From 1 March 2020 to 19 March 2020


Ljubljana (Slovenia)


26 March 2020



In the first half of the March students of the workshop in Ljubljana were encouraged to explore and learn about AHiddenPlace onsite. The initial plan of visiting the site together with all the students and mentors (UL FA and ProstoRož guiding the tour), was altered due to Covid19 measures, which prohibited  gatherings in public spaces in mid-March. We decided to implement the visits in smaller groups and students were encouraged to make their own stopovers at the site, to complete the required observations, mappings, drawings or other captures, in order to further analyse the fundamental physical and socio-cultural components of the site and its surroundings.

Students shared their first impressions and inquiries in the following workshop meetings (Zoom); the discussion was moderated by mentors from Prostorož and UL FA and complemented by opinions and valuable information given by the invited members of the NGO’s who are currently active at the site.


Other files:



Špela Verovšek, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana (spela.verovsek@fa.uni-lj.si)


Students (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture): Marieke Van Dorpe, Axel Schimpf, BarboraVýborová, Fadi Suidan, Anna Kotlabová, Nina Alexandra Karelina, Julia Cordero Pedrero, Daniela Leccese, Lucie Zadrapova, Zuzana Šutvajova, Julia Sepúlveda Antón, Paula Mora de Urquiza, Natalia Caparrós Pérez, Oriol Gracia, Natalia Caparrós, Lara Jana Gabrije, lIvana Gligorovska, Daniel Hernandez, Urša Katin Koželj, Xavier Llerena, Eider Oruezabala, Nives Otaševič, Maja Perpar, Lea Elena Vidmar, Klemen Žibert

Mentors from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana; mentors from the cultural association ProstoRož