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Closing programme and travelling exhibition

This report includes the combined activities “Traveling Exhibition” (Deliverable 3.7) and “Closing programme” (Deliverables 3.7.1, 3.7.2 and 3.7.3).


To share the outcomes of the project and reflect on the collaborative work with diverse stakeholders involved in artistic and educational activities within communities, we organized “A Wrap up” programme consisting of three closing events in Brussels, Barcelona, and Lisbon. In conjunction with these events, we displayed an exhibition featuring the collective work in the cities and other partner locations.


The three closing events were the following:

- Co-constructing lived spaces, Brussels, 26 May 2023. The role of placemaking in promoting participatory design, spatial justice, and the appropriation of public space.

- A place in Can Trinxet, L’Hospitalet (Barcelona), June 3 2023. The importance of educational and creative activities in public spaces to engage artists and creators from all academic levels, in the creation of places.

- Sensing places together, Lisbon, 14-15 September 2023. Representing a sense of place through various art forms, such as music, photography, video, and artistic performance