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AHiddenPlace goes tangible – student competition for a symbolic on-site intervention

Placemaking Event


2 June 2020


Ljubljana (Slovenia)


9 June 2020



In order to compensate for the cancelled on-site construction of the proposed  plans and events by students groups in the previous workshop sessions, we organised a competition for a provisional intervention on-site. The main aim of this action was to design and implement an onsite representation and promotion of a location behind the fence that would help to communicate the place publicly and raise the attention of the local community, passers-by and other visitors. The criteria for the selection were – originality of the idea, strength of the message, feasibility of the intervention (construction/projection), cost-efficiency, and link to their initial main proposal (initiated in previous sessions and introduced as main output of the work in workshop).

Unexpectedly, because the participation was voluntary and beyond their obligations, 16 students decided to participate in the competition in six groups, and the evaluation committee (members of UL FA and ProstoRož) had no easy work to select the winner among the proposals. Finally we reached the decision and the first place went to Oriol Gracia Vallès and Lara Jana Gabrijel Milanovič. Congrats again, to both of them!

Note: We initially planned the actual on-site construction of the main students’ proposals of temporary interventions accompanied by public events, designed during the workshop course in previous sessions. Due to the strict Covid19 lockdown regulation students were unable to accomplish these realisations. To compensate for this hindrance we organized small competition for a miniscule intervention that had in the end been built after loosening of Covid19 restrictions.

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Špela Verovšek, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana (spela.verovsek@fa.uni-lj.si)


Students (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture): Marieke Van Dorpe, Axel Schimpf, BarboraVýborová, Fadi Suidan, Anna Kotlabová, Nina Alexandra Karelina, Julia Cordero Pedrero, Daniela Leccese, Lucie Zadrapova, Zuzana Šutvajova, Julia Sepúlveda Antón, Paula Mora de Urquiza, Natalia Caparrós Pérez, Oriol Gracia, Natalia Caparrós, Lara Jana Gabrije, lIvana Gligorovska, Daniel Hernandez, Urša Katin Koželj, Xavier Llerena, Eider Oruezabala, Nives Otaševič, Maja Perpar, Lea Elena Vidmar, Klemen Žibert

Mentors from the cultural association prostoRož, mentors from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana.

Members of Trajna.