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Exploratory Walk and Walk building workshop

Placemaking Event


20 August 2020


Schaerbeek (Belgium)


16 December 2020



The Exploratory Walk and Walk building workshop, were important preparatory tasks to complete in order to find connections between the intervened environments and to allow for the involvement of the KU Leuven Alt-Shift elective students in the co-construction of the activity program. Unfortunately, due the Covid-19 restrictions on the public space, the Walk building workshop and the  ACalmPlace  event were postponed from the spring 2020 to the fall of 2020. As a consequence, the students who participated at the Exploratory walk in the spring of 2020, could not participate in the Building walk workshop in the fall of 2020, as the elective only extends one semester.   


As a mode of adapting to the uncertain conditions brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, a more flexible framework was created, one that would allow for anyone to join the project at any stage. At the planning stage the elective students from spring 2020 semester took the initial tasks of brainstorming the interventions to take place at the ACalmPlace event. Then as a follow up to the plans, the fall 2020 semester students had the opportunity to define the path and signage that would guide the Sensorial Walk participants. Due to the group gathering limitations brought by Covid-19, all student involvement had to be done on a voluntary basis, and outside of class time. This brought complications to the planning of the workshops, because there were moments where the set plans did not match with the student's schedule, and so we had to make adaptations to the installations to facilitate the collaboration.  

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Rosie Romero (KU Leuven), Julie Reveillon (Alive Architecture) + 8 students of KU Leuven