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ACalmPlace event during Living Reine : Workshop Place de la Reine

Placemaking Event


9 October 2020


Schaerbeek (Belgium)


16 December 2020



Due to Covid-19 the event originally planned for May 2020 had to be postponed to October 2020. One positive outcome of postponing the event was that the event could be merged with the ‘Living Reine’ event by Renovas, which focused on the “Campus 1030” project.   

The community workshop was led by two Master students from KU Leuven Architecture faculty, taking place at the ‘Place de la Reine’. The workshop invited the public to learn about recycled materials through a hands-on, DIY approach. The activity focused on the experimentation of some design techniques for the reuse of leftover cardboard boxes and the co-creation of playful foldable furniture. The furniture designs were the result of a design research on urban furniture made during the confinement of the Architecture Master elective students. The easy design allowed for the participation of various ages, creating an inclusive activity where everyone was able to take part.  

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KU Leuven

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Alive Architecture

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10 people from Renovas, 3 people from Maison des Arts, 2 staff members from KU Leuven, 4 people from Alive Architecture, 50 inhabitants, 30 student KU Leuven