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Artistic performance in the Parklet of Bologna

Placemaking Event


5 November 2020


Bologna (Italy)


13 January 2021



On November 5th at 18:00, the parklet hosted live music and dance performance by StaMurga, a young artist group. “Murga” is a form of street theatre that combines percussion music with dancing, singing and acting. It is meant to be an instrument of peaceful, noisy and colourful dissent.

For those who live in via Curiel, it was enough to look out the window to be part of the show. For the non-residents, we documented the event with photos and videos posted on the parklet Facebook page simultaneously as the live performance. The event was carried out in compliance with the rules and restrictions imposed by Covid-19, while helping to keep the value and meaning of public space, especially in time of lockdown, with an injection of energy and joy.

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Parklet Facebook page managed by City Space Architecture


If you want to learn more about the parklet and all its cultural and engaging potentials, contact:

Curator: Luisa Bravo / luisa.bravo@cityspacearchitecture.org


Luisa Bravo and Giulia Gualtieri, City Space Architecture

StaMurga performance group

Diverse groups from Porto-Saragozza neighbourhood and the city of Bologna, depending on the activities developed on the site, which welcomed about 10 people per activity.